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Fuji X-T4 Review

George Theodore, June 3, 2020

The Fuji X-T4; The Good, The Bad and The Badder (and maybe Badder yet)

First, as an owner of the wonderful Fuji X-T3 and an X-H1 w/IBIS, I didn’t need a third camera body. The X-T4 has IBIS; I already had that so what compelled me to drop another $1700.  Well, here were my thoughts: faster shutter speeds, better low light capabilities, a smaller body more in line with the X-T series, newer-faster processor,  new sensor and a few more seemingly unimportant things. Sold my X-H1 and a few things I no longer use and actually came up almost even.

The Good:  IBIS is very nice as expected.  Still have to watch out at higher shutter speeds but that was always the case with any vibration-resistance  – in-camera or lens. Very quiet shutter.  Shares the same low light capabilities of the X-T3. The body, while smaller than the X-H1, is enough heftier than the X-T3 that I feel I have a better grip on the camera. It’s amazing how such a small change in grip size makes it feel that way. A new shutter and longer life – 300,000 vs 150,000 for the X-T2.  Continues the dial locations of its predecessors.  The AF-On button feels a little higher than other models but I’ll still put some Sugru on it (I’m a back-button focus guy – for a very long time)

Continuous autofocus is improved – Fuji has kept working on this since the X-T1 and tracking has greatly improved. Still a little more to come but kudos Fuji!

New Battery – it reminds me of my old Nikon D-xxx series - runs longer and it shows. Good move.

The Bad: Do these engineers stay up all night trying to come up with things that drive us nuts? As I said earlier, I’m a back-button focuser (maybe with counseling, I’ll quit). So, the AF-On button on the X-T3 is on the right side of the rear dial close to the right edge of the camera. Very cool; easy to find. The AF-On button on the X-T4 is located near the viewfinder – to the left of the rear command dial on the X-T4.  WHY?  Why not keep it at the same place?  And, you know what happens when you reach across the back of the dial to press the AF-On button?  You accidentally brush against the dial (which now extends further out the rear of the camera than its predecessors) and its menu comes up. Arghh!!

They moved the Q button too. Why?  One of the things I tell folks, to help them to get to know their cameras, is to play with buttons and dials while they’re watching TV especially during commercials.  Then do it without looking at the camera. I don’t want to think about button locations. I want to be able to shoot blindfolded as far as my camera’s controls is concerned. Oh well, good thing all the function buttons can be re-programmed.

The Badder:  Sorry Fuji, the new screen is a downer.  I’ve never been much for chimping but, on occasion, its nice to use the LCD screen for live view.  I’m at the getting-down-is-easy-getting-back-up-not-so-easy chapter of my life.  So, when I want a low angle, I just flip up the rear LCD so I can look down at live view to compose. 

Drum roll please - enter the fully articulating screen that can also face forward (I guess the vloggers must have hired a powerful team of lobbyists).  You want to use live view? Now the screen sticks out to the left. And, when you fold the screen back into the camera there’s nothing to look at.  You won’t be wanting to do a lot of chimping with this one. It’s a real pain to fold out all the time. Hey – maybe it will cure your chimping. Ah yes; a positive side to everything!

In a separate category by itself - Really Bad: no battery charger. Are you kidding me?  Fuji gives you a charger cord and power supply (USB to USB-C) so you can charge your battery in-camera while the camera is off. So, now you have to buy a separate charger. Fuji dual charger is in production. Not complaining about extra cost ($70) but c’mon Fuji! Really?

Bottom line:  Love the camera and all its features and upgrades from the X-T3. But, prefer the tilting design of prior X camera LCD backs, throw in a charger and please, please - STOP changing the damn button locations.